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Starter Vs Premier: The Difference in Dubsado Pricing

We have all been there. Looking for assistance with our business without feeling like we are losing the vision we have for our brand while getting sucked into pesky admin tasks. Making sure all of the bells and whistles are presented to new clients while still getting the behind-the-scenes top-notch work done. Not having any time to rest our feet up and sip on a glass of Chardonnay because we’re too busy (barely) managing all.of.the.things.

You’re watching your competition bloom and grow, and can’t help but wonder what you’re doing wrong to feel like you’re constantly treading water. Am I right? Well, I’m here to throw you a life preserver because help is on the way, and you can make the strides you’ve been craving in your business without making sacrifices to your client experience (or your precious free time).

Automate Your Systems With Dubsado

Fortunately for us, Dubsado can swoop in and save the day through its ability to automate every nook and cranny of your client experience. Are you ready to spend less time onboarding, sending invoices, creating proposals and scheduling calls? With Dubsado’s automated workflows, customized just-for-you templates and beautifully curated client portals, you can create the client experience you’ve always dreamt of offering while having actual time to move your business forward.

Dubsado recently turned five, and in honor of that huge milestone they introduced two separate packages! In the past, there was just one option.

You can now choose from the Starter package or the Premier package, with different features to fit various levels of business functioning. If you’re new to the Dubsado scene, keep reading to learn which package might be the white glove fit for you and your business needs! (P.S. If you sign up using this link here, you’ll receive 30% off of your subscription)

Dubsado’s Starter Package

Congratulations! You’ve decided to chase your dreams and launch your entrepreneur journey. You’re looking for a system that will automate your business, but you’re not quite ready to go all in on an all-inclusive deal. Cue the Starter Package!

This bad boy includes unlimited projects and clients, so you can onboard as many leads as your business heart can handle. It also includes invoice capabilities AND payment plans, so you’ll never miss a money request again. It doesn’t get much better than getting paid without thinking about it, does it?

The Dubsado Starter Package also allows you to send fillable forms so you can collect and save important client deets. What does that mean for you? All of your client’s forms, emails and invoices are now located in one area. Hallelujah! All of those misplaced email conversations and signed documents you’ve searched frantically for are a thing of the past.

You can start automating these pieces of your biz for just $20 per month OR save 15% monthly by opting to pay $200 yearly. The choice is yours, but either way the benefits you’ll reap are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S (and you’ll thank me for it)!

Dubsado’s Premier Package

If your business is booming and you want to spice your automations up a bit, the Premier Package is going to be the love of your business life.

In my best Little Mermaid voice: It has gadgets and gizmos a plenty.

But really, it has everything the Starter Package includes PLUS scheduling templates, automated workflows, and so much more. The Premier Package costs double the Starter Package (at $40/month), but also offers double the features which means…double the free time for you!

If your business requires frequent client or lead calls to keep your comms strong, the customizable scheduling tool is for you! If you’re looking to capture leads through questionnaires or forms, the lead capture feature is for you! The Premier Package even allows you to send public proposals, so you can lay your services and prices out for potential clients and easily seal those deals. If your client experience often features more than one step in your flow, you can set conditions to automatically move to the next step without you needing to do the manual work (THIS IS A HUGE YASSSS!!!) Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing Zapier Integration feature so you can connect all of your other apps and platforms with Dubsado without lifting a finger.

In short, the Premier Package is a comprehensive, all-in-one must-have if your business is experiencing rapid growth.

Whatever stage you are in in your business and whichever package works best for you, Dubsado allows you to focus more on what truly matters, making sure business is boomin’ and your clients are happy!

Ready to start your venture with Dubsado? I’m a certified specialist! Let’s chat about the right fit for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation call with me so we can determine the best strategy to get your business up and automated in a way that works for you.

P.S. If you’re ready to roll, be sure to use the code “virtualangieva” to receive 30% off of your Dubsado subscription!

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