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Why Dubsado Is NOT Ideal for Email Marketing (And What You Can Use Instead)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Ahhhhh, Dubsado. This CRM is like a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs looking to automate their business from the inside out.

It manages calendars, so you're not overbooked. It sends fillable forms, so your client information makes its way back to you and remains organized. It even sends invoices on an automatic schedule, so you don't need to do the grunt work of manually creating them every month.

*Phew* As a business owner, you can let out that sigh of relief knowing that Dubsado does almost everything you need to run the back-end of your business efficiently.

But there is one feature it falls short on when it comes to total business management, and that's email marketing.

Read on to learn why Dubsado should NOT be used as an email marketing platform and what the pros (aka me!) recommend instead.

Dubsado's Email Features Are Not Very Customizable.

Or at least- not customizable enough to be marketing worthy! You know the feeling you get when you open an email from your fav business bestie, and it just shines right at you? It has GIFs, images, testimonial graphics, and it's just oh-so-pretty and attention-grabbing that you want to buy whatever it is they're selling.

Welp. Emails sent from Dubsado are pretty much the opposite of that excitement. When you first set up your Dubsado account, you will have the option to enter your brand colors, logo, and email signature, but that's about as far as the customization goes.

If you try to use Dubsado for email marketing, you can apologize to your audience because there won't be any Schitt's Creek GIFs hitting their inboxes anytime soon. What a bummer!

Dubsado Doesn't Send Email Blasts.

Woot, woot! You're ready to launch your newest offer, announce an upcoming sale, or just want to pop in and connect with your audience. Cheers to you!

But. . . your email list is 1500 members strong, and Dubsado is not the place to reach all of them.

In an (extremely) unproductive world, you could send an email to everyone in your CRM system, one-by-one, to spill your latest tea, but it would take hours. And you're using Dubsado to save you time, right? That's what I thought!

Dubsado Doesn't Segment Your Audience Well.

In email marketing platforms, you will find the capability to break your audience into specific groups to reach the right leads with the right messages.

Many of these platforms include automation that will tag leads when they:

  1. Open an email.

  2. Don't open an email.

  3. Click on an email link or any other action that would help you target and sell to the right peeps.

While Dubsado does have tagging as a feature, it's not granular enough for targeting leads as a means to market them.

So What Does Dubsado's Email Feature Actually Do?

Spoiler Alert. It sends emails... along with other important information.

Dubsado's email feature lets you send questionnaires, scheduling templates, proposals, contracts, invoices, payment reminders, and typical run-of-the-mill messages to your clients and leads. You can think of it as a regular inbox, except it harnesses the power of sending documents for e-signature and fillable forms.

It also keeps all of the correspondence between you and your clients organized, so you can say goodbye to the days of messages that fall through the cracks in your Google or Yahoo or Outlook inbox. Within Dubsado, each client has their own portal, and every email you've sent to that client can be housed there for ease of access.

If Dubsado Doesn't Fit The Bill, What Email Marketing Platform Do You Suggest?

There are so many out there that it can be challenging to choose. I want to put Flodesk on the table as a prime candidate in my humble, systems-expert opinion.

Their done-for-you templates are *stunning* and take the work (and time) out of designing breathtaking emails that really speak to the dudes and dudettes on your list.

Their intuitive form creation makes sharing your freebies and capturing leads a breeze, and the forms can be easily integrated with most websites. For those of you who are new to email marketing, using a form is THE way to build your email list, so using ones that are proven to convert is a must-have! It also gives you the ability to create landing pages!

Their automation features are as easy as 1, 2, 3! You can build comprehensive workflows that shuffle your leads and get them to the side of marketing land that they need to be.

So, while Dubsado is still the #1 tool I recommend to get your business's big booty back-end organized, I still believe it's worthwhile to set up an email marketing platform as well. Want to chat about this? I'm here and would love to chat!

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