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Why Your Small Business Needs a CRM- TODAY!

If you’re reading this, I believe congratulations are in order! Your business is growing, and you’ve been converting leads consistently. However, even though scaling seems like a dream, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a CRM in place.

If you’re unsure of what a CRM is or why you need one, then you’re in the right place! Continue reading to learn how this powerful system is a must-have for any small business owner looking to scale.

What is a CRM?

No- it’s not a secret code! CRM stands for customer relationship management, a streamlined software system that allows you to navigate client-facing interactions with ease and organization. A CRM enables business owners to track their leads, store critical documents, send and receive payments, manage projects, and so much more.

If you’re thinking about expanding your business or are feeling uneasy about your current client system, establishing a sturdy CRM sooner than later will be in your favor.

What can CRMs do for small businesses?

Track new leads

A CRM will keep you on top of the lead game by tracking when you first contacted them, where you connected, and any important details that may be critical in converting them to a paying client.

Document templates

It’s 2022, and many business owners rely on the use of digital documents to keep their operations spinning. CRMs store these digital documents as templates that can be branded and customized to meet individual client needs.

A few examples of these templates include:

  • Contracts

  • Proposals

  • Welcome packets

  • Meeting schedulers

  • Canned emails

  • Intake questionnaires

Some CRMs, such as Dubsado, feature e-signing capabilities that allow you to send documents out for e-signature requests.

Client Communication

CRM platforms make streamlining client communication a breeze! With integration features, many platforms connect with your email account. As a result, you can message, store, and reply to emails directly from individual client portals so you can say goodbye to messages that get lost in the depths of your inbox.

Workflow Automation

As your business expands, your time will shrink- or so it feels! The good news is you can avoid being run ragged by automating tasks through your CRM. Here’s an example of a basic automated workflow for onboarding a new client:

Step 1: CRM automatically sends the contract for client signature.

Step 2: CRM automatically sends an invoice once the contract is signed.

Step 3: CRM sends a link to your scheduler so your client can lock in their kick-off call once the invoice is paid and notifies you when they book.

When you set up automations for your CRM, all of these critical tasks are getting done without the need for you to be actively involved.

How do I know I need a CRM?

If you have clients, you need a CRM. If you’re anticipating onboarding clients, you need a CRM. If you run a client-facing business, you need a CRM.

In other words, you need a CRM 🙃

I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we get overly busy, drop a file in the wrong place with intentions of organizing it later, and then never get back to it. Can you relate? I know I’ve been there a time or two! But, when you invest in a CRM, you’re avoiding the risk of derailing your current organization system when you run out of time to keep everything in place.

You don’t want to be drowning in admin tasks, and having a CRM will make sure that doesn’t happen!

If you’re ready to leap and set up a CRM for your business, I highly recommend using Dubsado. It has e-signature, automation, project management, and integration capabilities to keep all of the t’s crossed and i’s dotted for your business. Dubsado even offers a free trial for your first three clients for an unlimited period. Plus I can save you 30% on your first month or year subscription! Simply click on my affiliate link to start automating and streamlining now!

Want more info? Send me a message here, so we can discuss your business needs and create a strategy to set up a customized CRM fit for you!


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